Best Places to Stay in Salt Lake City

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In this article, we dive into the best places to stay in Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City is an incredible destination, offering stunning natural beauty, a rich cultural scene, and a plethora of activities to suit all interests.

With a rich history and diverse population, this city has something for everyone.

Choosing the right place to stay is crucial for making the most of your trip. Whether you’re here for a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a business trip, we’ve got you covered.

In this guide, we’ll explore the 7 best areas to stay in Salt Lake City and answer common questions about safety, worthiness, and areas to avoid.

7 Top Areas to Stay in Salt Lake City


Downtown is the heart of Salt Lake City and the best place to stay if you want to be close to the action.

Here, you’ll find many of the city’s top attractions, such as Temple Square, City Creek Center, and the Salt Lake City Public Library.

Downtown offers a wide range of accommodation options, from luxury hotels to budget-friendly hostels.

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Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is a historic neighborhood located just north of downtown, offering stunning views of the city and the surrounding mountains.

It’s home to the Utah State Capitol building and Memory Grove Park. This area is perfect for those seeking a quieter stay with easy access to downtown attractions.

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Sugar House

Sugar House is a trendy and lively neighborhood known for its shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

The area has a diverse mix of boutique hotels and charming inns, making it a popular choice to stay for younger travelers and couples.

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The Avenues

The Avenues is a historic and picturesque residential neighborhood, featuring tree-lined streets and beautiful Victorian homes.

It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a more local experience while still being close to downtown attractions.

9th and 9th

The 9th and 9th area is a vibrant, walkable neighborhoods with a diverse mix of local shops, restaurants, and cafes.

It’s one of the best places to stay for those who prefer a more laid-back atmosphere but still want easy access to downtown.

Liberty Park

Liberty Park is a beautiful, green space in the heart of Salt Lake City.

Staying near the park offers visitors easy access to outdoor activities, such as jogging, picnicking, and bird-watching.

The neighborhood is also close to the city’s bustling downtown area.

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South Temple

South Temple is an upscale and historical area known for its beautiful architecture and proximity to downtown.

This neighborhood is an ideal place to stay for travelers seeking a more sophisticated and quiet atmosphere.

What is the coolest place to stay in Salt Lake City?

Salt Lake City has no shortage of cool neighborhoods to stay in, but one that stands out for its hip and eclectic vibe is the Sugar House neighborhood.

Located just a few miles southeast of downtown, Sugar House is known for its tree-lined streets, vibrant arts scene, and diverse array of independent shops and restaurants.

From the funky vintage boutiques to the farm-to-table eateries, there’s something for everyone here.

Plus, with easy access to hiking trails and ski resorts, Sugar House is a perfect base for adventure seekers.

So if you’re looking for a cool and trendy place to stay in Salt Lake City, Sugar House is worth checking out.

What is the Safest Area in Salt Lake City?

While no area is entire without risk, The Avenues is often considered one of the safest neighborhoods in Salt Lake City.

Its low crime rates, historic charm, and close-knit community make it a popular choice for families and solo travelers alike.

Additionally, its proximity to downtown ensures you’re never too far from the city’s attractions.

Is it Worth Staying in Salt Lake City?

Absolutely! Salt Lake City is a fantastic destination with plenty to offer.

Whether you’re interested in outdoor adventures, exploring the city’s rich history, or indulging in its vibrant food scene, there’s something for everyone.

Staying in Salt Lake City provides easy access to nearby attractions, such as ski resorts, national parks, and the Great Salt Lake itself.

Plus, the city’s well-connected public transportation system makes it easy to explore both the urban and natural wonders in the area.

Where to Avoid Salt Lake City?

While Salt Lake City is generally a safe and welcoming destination, it’s essential to be aware of areas that may be less desirable for tourists.

Some neighborhoods to avoid, especially after dark, include:

  • Glendale: Located in the southwest of the city, Glendale is known for higher crime rates and lower-income housing. While there are still attractions, like the International Peace Gardens, it’s best to be cautious and aware of your surroundings.
  • Rose Park: This neighborhood is located to the northwest of downtown and has also been known for its higher crime rates. While it’s transforming with new developments, it’s still best to avoid this area, especially at night.
  • West Valley City: Though technically a separate city, West Valley City borders Salt Lake City to the west. It has experienced higher crime rates and is generally not considered a tourist destination.

Keep in mind that crime can happen anywhere, and it’s essential to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings no matter where you are.

In general, it’s a good idea to stick to well-lit, populated areas, and avoid walking alone late at night, especially in unfamiliar neighborhoods.

In conclusion, Salt Lake City is a diverse and exciting destination with plenty to offer travelers.

By choosing the right area to stay in and being mindful of your surroundings, you can ensure a safe, enjoyable, and memorable trip to this beautiful city.

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