Madeira Beaches: The 11 Most Beautiful Beaches of the Island

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The Madeira archipelago consists of eight islands located off the coast of Morocco. Discover the 11 most beautiful beaches of the Madeira archipelago.

Known as the Island of Eternal Spring, Madeira Island has a temperate climate all year round.

Madeira Island is famous for its superb hikes, which crisscross the heights through unique and luxuriant vegetation.

It is also an ideal destination if you want to bask in the sun and swim in crystal clear waters.

Madeira’s beaches have much to offer between white sand beaches, small secret coves, and natural pools.

Secret coves, natural pools, some island gems are waiting for you.

Madeira’s most gorgeous sandy beaches

Praia do Porto do Seixal

Located on the northwest coast of Madeira, Seixal is a charming little village of 700 inhabitants.

Right next to the harbor you will find a small stretch of black sand, overlooking the beautiful scenery of the coast. It is one of the few natural beaches in Madeira.

This place really is a majestic sight.

What makes this beach so incredible is the mountain backdrop. The lush green cliffs dominate the beach as the highway wraps around the edges of the cliff.

This place is not supervised, so we advise you to be extra careful.

Also if you come to Seixal beach don’t forget to stop at Miradouro do Véu da Noiva!

Praia do Porto do Seixal
Praia do Porto do Seixal
Miradouro do Véu da Noiva
Miradouro do Véu da Noiva

Praia do Porto Santo

Located on the volcanic island of Porto Santo, the beach of the same name is a kilometer-long stretch of beach along the southern coast of the island.

It is the main attraction of the island, popular with travelers looking for white, soft, and warm sand.

Indeed, it is the only fine sand beach of the archipelago.

The sand has therapeutic virtues in regulating blood circulation. You can practice various water sports on this Madeira beach, and some umbrellas are even available free of charge.

While Madeira Island seems to be full, Porto Santo Island is most of the time not so crowded.

Its beach is the main attraction: the main island of the Madeira archipelago has few beaches, this is where tourists and Madeira Islanders go in search of swimming and fine, warm, soft, blond sand.

Many people take the boat to the island to spend the day enjoying the beach!

Praia do Porto Santo
Praia do Porto Santo

Praia de Machico

The beach of the village of Machico is separated into two parts:

The larger part is a pebble beach, with many waves, more reserved for surfers.

The second part of the beach is artificial, with sand imported from Morocco.

It is protected from the waves by a dike, and ideal to relax and enjoy the view of the surroundings, with on the left the pico do Fachos.

The beach is clean and equipped, and it is also supervised. Close to the airport, planes pass by this beach about every hour. A little more intimate and close by: you can go to Caniçal to lounge on its small pebble beach.

Praia de Machico
Praia de Machico
Praia de Machico
Praia de Machico

Praia de Areia da Calheta

Calheta is a small town on the south coast of Madeira Island, founded in 1430, with a population of 1,800 and an area of about 12,000 inhabitants.

Inaugurated in 2004, this Madeira beach was artificially created with sand imported from Morocco.

It is the main attraction of Câmara de Lobos, a small fishing town.

It is particularly popular with windsurfers and canoeists. If you prefer to sunbathe in front of the waves, you will be served: a service of renting deckchairs and umbrellas is offered.

Praia de Calheta
Praia de Calheta
Praia de Calheta
Praia de Calheta
Praia de Areia da Calheta
Praia de Areia da Calheta from above Source: choosemadeira

The best beaches for chilling and sunbathing in Madeira

Praia Formosa

This beach in Madeira is one of the most visited places in Europe. It is a pebble beach with a small area of fine black sand.

This spot is very easily accessible by public transport and is equipped with many facilities.

There is a parking lot, a children’s playground, changing rooms, toilets, a first aid center, and even a soccer field!

Enjoy the seaside atmosphere by planning to have a snack in one of the restaurants facing the Atlantic.

Jardim do Mar

Located between Calheta and Paúl do Mar, “The Garden of the Sea” seduces by its labyrinth of sloping streets, lined with houses surrounded by gardens enclosed by stone walls, from which exhales the perfume of frangipani trees, bougainvillea, and other fruit trees.

Totally pedestrianized, the village lends itself to a stroll in a peaceful atmosphere.

The church, built in the 20th century, deserves only a quick stop because the interest of Jardim do Mar is above all in its natural setting, between green cliffs and the ocean.

Jardim do Mar
Jardim do Mar source:

Ponta do Sol

The Point of the Sun, Ponta do Sol, is a town in the south of Madeira Island with 12,000 inhabitants, of which 4,300 live in the town itself.

It is located between Ribeira Brava and Calheta.

Ponta do Sol
Ponta do Sol source:

Faial beach complex 

Located on Madeira Island’s north coast, The Foz da Ribeira do Faial Beach Complex is a pebble beach with a natural swimming pool.

The best beaches for photoshooting in Madeira

Calhau da Lapa

Calhau da Lapa is a very small isolated beach, at the bottom of a steep cliff of Campanario. Looking for a hidden beach with lots of charm?

There are no deckchairs or sand here, only a pontoon (with a ladder for swimming) and big pebbles.

It is important to note that the only way to get to this beach is to walk for a good half hour.

Calhau da Lapa offers beautiful cliffs, waterfalls, and houses.

Praia Alagoa

On the island’s northwest coast, this small black sand beach offers a magnificent view of the mountain overlooking the ocean.

There are changing rooms, toilets, and even a nice bar. Easily accessible, this beach in Madeira also has parking facilities.

To the delight of surfers and other water sports enthusiasts, the waves are energetic and form rollers.

Not really suitable, therefore, if you are traveling with children!

Prainha do Caniçal

This small cove is bordered by crystal clear waters and is composed of black sand of volcanic origin.

A short 100-meter walk from the dunes will lead you to this picturesque bay surrounded by captivating geological formations.

Facilities include changing rooms, lounge chairs, umbrellas, and a beachside restaurant. Please note that this Madeira beach is not supervised.

Can you swim in Madeira?

It is possible to swim there, but it should be noted that Madeira Island is not a beach destination, unlike Porto Santo.

Due to the rugged relief of the Madeiran coastline, the openings to the sea are rare and the few small coves and pebble beaches are not very suitable for swimming.

When to swim in Madeira?

From June to November. Madeira’s coastline and its beaches are a must-see during a trip to the island.

You can choose between pebble beaches and heavenly sandy beaches.

Don’t miss the island of Porto Santo, where the most beautiful beaches are located.

Is the sea warm in Madeira?

The sea in Madeira is not warm. The temperature of the sea is around 23°C in summer and will remain above 20°C in spring and autumn. In winter, it is around 18°C.

If you prefer fine sandy beaches, you should go to the island of Porto Santo, nicknamed “Golden Island”.

Are there any sandy beaches on Madeira?

Yes, but most of them are artificial. The ones that are naturals are the black sand beaches like the Praia do Porto do Seixal.

Are there sharks in Madeira?

No, Madeira is a subtropical island and its water doesn’t have any sharks. However, you can encounter dolphins, whales, and turtles.

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